Every student deserves a quality education — that’s a given. What you might not know is that teacher quality is the #1 in-school factor for guaranteeing students’ long-term success. Since educators play a crucial role in the lives of our students, TeachNC is designed to inspire teaching candidates to pursue the career and remove barriers that stand in their way. The TeachNC initiative seeks to provide accurate and compelling information about the teaching profession that will be useful to both potential candidates and the general public. TeachNC targets students who are just beginning to think about their career options all the way to mid-career professionals who may be considering a career change. The initiative features a multimedia campaign and a one-stop resource for teacher candidates. Learn more about these features below.

Multimedia Campaign: Teachers Have Better Work Stories

Teaching requires you to be creative, innovative, collaborative and leverage your unique skills, background and passions every day, and TeachNC's multimedia campaign is designed to celebrate that idea. "Teachers Have Better Work Stories" brings us real stories from inside real North Carolina classrooms, while TeachNC's target ad campaign reminds us, again and again, how important educators are to every single one of our lives.

Media PSA

Videos of Real NC Teachers!

The One-Stop Shop

In addition to the robust ad campaign, TeachNC includes a full suite of strategic recruitment activities in partnership with BEST NC, NCDPI, 54 Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs), and 115+ K-12 School Districts (LEAs) and charter schools. We strive to create a trusted, safe, and user-friendly one-stop resource for anyone considering a career in teaching in North Carolina, including this comprehensive website crammed full of 1-on-1 supports for teacher candidates.


Understanding licensure is the first step to becoming a teacher. TeachNC outlines licensure requirements and pathways for all candidates, from beginning college to mid-career professionals.


To help candidates choose an educator preparation program (EPP) that will qualify them for licensure, TeachNC provides a database of North Carolina’s EPPs, criteria to help candidates compare options, and advisors to provide 1-on-1 support.


Becoming a teacher is a process that comes with a lot of questions. There’s no better way to get answers than to speak with a TeachNC coach.

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